Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Let go 
We'll float up to the stars 
From roaring water bay

While Jimmy sings a love song 

Hold on 
Earth and grass and sand 
Caress in rest- fullness 
Weight supported 

While Jimmy sings, his heart recovered 

Merge and part 
Outflow of selfs returning better 
Words and space,the space uncluttered

And tingling strings and cords harmonic 

A single point 
Surprise , the new , awake this presence 
Balanced using angels wings 

And all the while , sweet Jimmy  sings 

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sci fi future


Tuesday May 23rd 2240.

My God but hasn’t the time barrier become befuddled. Doing a cook meditation minding my own business, visualizing creamy coconut curry, when, out of the blue Wednesday Hugh taps me on the shoulder.” Don’t eat that curry Hugh you will get a sore tummy”

He was relaxed enough and very matter of fact, friendly even, but I found it awful annoying.

Mind your own business, I’ll take my chances “ I said, and continued with entering coconut code on the chefmodule.

Wednesday Hugh laughed disdainfully, “You haven’t a clue boy “ he said as he tried to delete my inputs.

Well agitated now ( these glitches had been happening more frequently since the futurists were elected again, in the midst of accusations of cross time zone vote rigging , but it couldn’t be proved as the future people were notorious liars)

Agitated, I grabbed him and pushed him back, losing balance he lost his footing and knocked himself out on the hard floor. That`ll teach him.


Wednesday May 24th 2240.

Stomach hurts. Hurts bad, that coconut cream was badly oxygenated, a new chef app is needed in this pod. Boy ithurts, I know I shouldn’t but im going back to yesterday tell that clown to lay off the thai for a day.


Thursday May 25th 2240

Fuck my head hurts. . what a violent man Tuesday Hugh is !something wrong with that guy. Im going back to help Wednesday Hugh, that was bang out of order.


Tuesday May 23rd  2240.

I pushed moaning face Wednesday back for interfering, falling on to the floor…but caught just in time by ,,,whos this …fucking Thursday Hugh, Thursday caught wednesdday and put his arm around him..ye alright Hugh he enquired.

“Yeah thanks “Wednesday said, “Tuesday is trying to poison us “

“ I know, I know Thursday mused, .. but hes going to suffer tomorrow… “

“ well , not sure whats worse the sore head or the soretummy,,,what will do ?”


There was nothing for it…confused and panicking…I pressed the interconnect zone freeze. The three of us stood there in our remonstrative poses.

Sure if there was a bit more laissez faire attitude between the days we might get on a bit better, maybe pop in now and again for a wee “hello how ye getting on” or “ have a great day tomorrow “, but no, everyone for themselves, selfish thru n thru.

I pressed for tech help… the call centre guys were on another planet and didn’t have a clue about life here but that’s what happens when poor planet luddians were promised jobs in exchange for access to the chocolate stores.

“ Hello, press 1 for quantum vibrational faults, 2 for visualization trauma, 3 for chocolate payments of 4 to speak to someone from the planet luddite.”

I pressed 4.

A squeaky voiced, high pitched, stressed out commhelpstarted speaking.

 Can I have your time zone prefix and cerebellum sim no. please ?”

Shit…where did I put that number…” eh..time zone 101256, and can’t remember my cerebellum sim sorry…”

 Ok sir you’ll find the number on the innerskull if you use your brain scanner” he said bored with giving that advice a hundred times that day.

 Yeah , hang on..” I switched on scanner and read out “ 2219839374

“ Mr….. Hugh O`mac… ok how can I help ?”

 Hi, I’ve got myself Wednesday and Thursday here stuck in a bit of a timeglitch confrontation”

 Ok sir..lets have a look……now …are you near a power portal ?”

Yes…just behind me here…”

“ Ok…sir “ he squeaked “could you just pull the plug out at the wall and wait a few minutes and switch it back on”

I pulled out the portal connecter.

Tuesday May 23rd 2044

Mmm I fancy a coconut curry.





Wednesday, 9 July 2014

London chic

Give `em enough rope



How did Hip

become snot covered dirtcrust denim

Skinny red rash fingers

Stealing from an ashtray

When did cool

Rock back n forth with convulsions

Belching to the Clash, the Pistols

In your ghost scattered hostel room

Camden town style shoppers cross to avoid

This person gone wrong

Super lagered soulless eyes

Never knowingly shepherded

Freedom you cried

Cry now lost son

Cry  the giro spent

Cry  the normal memories

Reminding you young teen rebel

The price of never straight

The price of ner a fool

Was there a time

The spliff passed the doors sang the youth joked

You fell from the fa├žade

Of indy culture ?

Song words don’t sing of you anymore

Teenage kicks to the brain

Barred and belittled by

The Time out crew

Finding culture in the Sunday supplement

Looking out the window of an artisan bakery

At you spilling doner kebab

Chilli smears over your grey face

Hungry for love in its absence your mouth consumes the needs

The cravings of immediate

The buzz that never was your friend

You went to the window

Your johnny rotten v sign

As far away from the now

As the class war resistance that fell off the page of purpose

Your screams are someone else’s echo

At weekends we went dancing down stairs on the bus

Step lightly go easy stay free

Once u had a sweetheart

Optimism unbound

A humour unique

A cheeky smile

Tomorrow you are dead in a skip

















Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sci fi shorts

Led by a donkey part one . 

Famza McClavacle  hadn't encountered this situation before and rebooted himself with a hope of finding an appropriate response . An ecstatic tingle zapped around his mind and within  a black to white instant he looked again with fresh sight . ( those tingles were so good famza had to remind himself that switching on and off all day was overly confusing !) 
The holy donkey that wandered thru the" physical activity for betterment of life" zone,  seemed to Famza to be crying ,, while nudging him with his snout to guide in a certain direction . Well , for fear of upsetting the synchronicity police he moved in the way sad HolyDonkey suggested .. They walked slowly along the outdoor corridor , passers by mainly Jerremykylers, a slang term for homo-opioids , on route to the drug top up market.  Each and every one bowed and uttered the traditional prayer of " hee haw let it be tell me donkey who are we "
Amongst the SIM card tech class observance to the old ways was waning , but most still believed that the donkey gods knew something they couldn't fathom .
Famza , was born to a Gaia family up in the nature reserve of Caledonia . He was happy there and used to work as an educationalist, taking classes of Sims to the Forrest where they would learn tree craft , herb classification and river paddling . Many happy memories of evenings round a real wood fire , hitting each other across the head with pine branches and singing Gloria Gayners " I will survive " ( the anthem of the Gaia community ) as the night lights were switched off . 
But his life was to change when he received a brain injury from an attack by a big headed eagle . Treatment in hospital involved micro sim implants and his Gaia days were over . 
Donkey stopped abrupt and again started to nudge him .. Looking around he could see nothing out of the ordinary .. A few clothing shops displaying the latest bell bottom jeans and high wasters that were voted to be this years fashion , a nutrient exchange , and a chai latte social hub .. Donkey stamped his left rear foot and nodded his head towards the hub ... 
Suddenly his pheromone comparability detector started beeping ! That hadn't happened once in the last ten years of life in the Conurbation .. 
Famza was reminded then that a crying donkey signified partner deficiency ! Could it be ? He walked into the Hub and greeted everyone by pressing the automated hello messenger .. Dutifully everyone returned a smily to his processor . .. But one person looked up at him ! Their eyes met with his and her detector beeping madly ... There was a smile breaking free across his face as he watched her download a music emotion mood vibration and send it direct to his love- sim , this was better than any reboot ! Remembering the donkey Famza motioned to the woman that he would be back .. He went out .. But donkey had moved off .. Slowly walking away his ears turning this way and that to hear the inner desires of the people .. Again he smiled .. Hee haw indeed he thought , returning to his future companion , as she laughed and sparkled her surely semi -Gaian eyes across the room . 

Saturday, 21 June 2014



I don’t know where it fits

When it fills, how it satiates

That sense of saturation

Beyond good feeling

I feel like more

Wanting to hold on to it

But not being held by it

Can’t get out the process

Processing getting out of it

Clutching at chemicals

Wanting that reaction

Getting harder to create

Catching no contentment

Too conscious of trying


Passed beyond and missed it

Missing it during it

Not getting it

Others and memories

Yesterday in spite of it

Is sending an invite to it

Ive been it and ive seen it

But now I just dont get it

I knew it

and blew it

I just cant get enough


When will I understand



Time Passes

And lo it came to pass that it passed

And is gone

Remembered as a paradigm

That we shifted and shift still

The weatherman says things are different now

Choose a forecast and stick to it

Take the batteries out of your clock

Say hello to your dog

Occupy the space

between the tic and the toc

Meditate with eyes wide open

Like your life depends upon it

And don’t forget to write